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Up for a new challenge, Shiraz ventured into politics and served as head of communications at a political party,

successfully escorting it to the coalition at the end of an intense and controversial political campaign.


In November 2002, Shiraz was democratically elected by the party's members as the head of the party, and led

'Gesher' in the elections for the 16th Israeli Parliament, the "Knesset."  

Estee Shiraz founded Promise magazine in 2003, with the desire to offer a unique concept of an upscale lifestyle publication, featuring a rich and intellectual, yet light, reading material, appealing especially, but not only, to the Jewish

American population. She managed to recruit top-notch writers, highly-acclaimed professionals and top leaders in their

fields as contributors, to include plastic surgeons, legal, health, relationship, business, fashion, finance and nutrition experts, 

amongst many others. All have been working together to keep Promise intriguing and up to date in relating to topics that are relevant to everyone's lives. This team of experts across the globe has worked meticulously to bring the very best to Promise readers, while Estee serves as the magazine's editor from inception and throughout the years.     


Estee Shiraz brings over 15 years of experience in writing and editing hundreds of articles and press releases, 

presenting different establishments to the media, overseeing the production of catalogs, magazines, marketing

communications and strategic materials, and managing numerous campaigns and special productions in show business, politics, luxury lifestyle, hospitality and other arenas. Annerl-Shiraz has been consistently recognized as top performer with

a track record of unusual achievements and an ability to initiate and produce innovative and award-winning strategic communications. American Graphic Design Award, Benjamin Franklin Award and Florida Print Award, are just a few

of the awards she has received throughout her career. Estee Shiraz, who was also named 'Woman of Excellence' by

the National Association of Professional & Executive Women, resides with her family in Miami, Florida, since 2003. 

Estee Annerl Shiraz, Promise Magazine

Promise Lifestyle Magazine's CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Estee Shiraz (אסתי שירז), is a communication affairs expert, who holds a Master's Degree in Political Science, Journalism and Public Communication from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Shiraz started her communication career as a spokesperson and director of marketing & PR at the prestigious Opera Tower residential hotel and shopping mall in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she managed to increase total revenue by over 18% within her first year in the role, due to developing and executing a unique PR and marketing campaign, and successfully presenting both the facility and the company to the media and public.


Her next role was VP of marketing, PR and sponsorship at a startup television production, which she rapidly managed to build as an icon and a constant rating leader during the production's four shooting seasons (four years), playing a key role in marketing the series and selling it to broadcasting TV channels nationally and internationally.


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