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Estee Annerl Shiraz Promise Lifestyle Publication

Promise is an exclusive lifestyle magazine, aimed at the Jewish American population, founded and managed by communications expert and entrepreneur Estee shiraz. It includes interesting articles, on a wide variety of lifestyle topics, and with a Jewish emphasis. Promise Publishing, Inc. publishes six issues of Promise Lifestyle Magazine annually. The magazine is highly-appreciated for its upscale format, enriching editorial material and well-known writers.


Our typical readers are Jewish-Americans, men and women. Ages: 27-60. S.E.S.: Average+. Occupation: Business, management and executive career levels. Education: College/University. Cultural: Readers identify with the Jewish heritage and read American lifestyle magazines.




Promise contains approximately 150 glossy, full-color pages. It is Cosmopolitan, non-local and does not represent any city or state in particular. Our goal is to be able to distribute the magazine in any relevant Jewish-oriented location in the United States.  





Promise magazine is published six times a year, with 35,000 copies printed and a pass-along rate of x6, reaching nearly 210,000 readers per issue. Each issue of the magazine is also seen online in its website:











Each Promise issue includes sections and articles spread over approximately 120 ‘non-commercial’ pages.




  • American Dream - the success story of a person or family

  • Behind the Suits - an interview with a high profile persona

  • Stardust - an American Jewish celebrity/actor/singer

  • Live in a Dream - model houses and apartments

  • Interior Design - design trends and tendencies

  • Paradise Breeze - selected travel destinations and exotic locations

  • Fashion - fashion trends and tips

  • New Look - plastic surgeries and skin treatments

  • Adrenaline - sports and entertainment

  • Domestica - hosting and table design for special occasions

  • Consumer Report - luxury products research


Professional columns and sections:


  • Ask Dr. Ellen - relationship advice and consultation

  • Business and Law - legal affairs and business counseling

  • Personality from A to Z - handwriting analyses

  • Health time – nutrition, naturopathy and medical issues

  • Spiritual Journey – Judaism, Kabbalah and mysticism

  • Successful - career profiles

  • Hair & Beauty - Tips & Tricks - How to take care of your hair and body

  • Hollywood News – Gossip and news from Hollywood

  • Unbelievably Real – a real story from a Private Investigator

  • Delicatesse – chef’s recommended recipe

  • Wild Life – restaurants & night clubs in Miami, LA and NY





Promise Lifestyle Magazine targets the Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta high-income demographics and is distributed through a variety of channels. It is delivered to the most exclusive neighborhoods and residences in these cities. It is also directly mailed to all Jewish organizations and firms in the above cities and to our exclusive list of subscribers. It can be found in bookstores and newsstands, banks, airports, retail establishments such as upscale car dealerships, boutiques, restaurants, hotels and professional offices and waiting rooms. It can also be found in Jewish-oriented locations such as Kosher products stores, Jewish federations, schools, etc.   


Although the magazine is currently distributed in Miami, New York and Los Angeles and Atlanta, our goal is to gradually increase distribution of the publication in additional cities in America. 





Our advertisers include real estate projects, luxury cars, private jets, yachts, fine art, furniture, jewelry, fashion products, beauty and styling services, airline and aviation companies, banks, hotels, mortgage companies and bank, and more.

Estee Annerl Shiraz Promise
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